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Motivating Your Sales Team to Achieve More: Mark Moncher

Posted by [email protected] on April 24, 2016 at 2:25 AM

If you are a sales manager you know it is difficult to motivate your sales team, but you also know that your ability as a coach is based on their ability to succeed in sales. Mark Moncher is a Senior Sales Executive associated with American Express and he believes that the mark of a good sales manager is one who is making less in salary than their least performing sales person.


But how you develop a motivational plan to help your sales team achieve more? One way to do this is to redefine the sales goals in terms stated more readily understand in their personal lives.

Having a well-motivated sales team can be the cornerstone of a successful direct sales career. Building a strong sales team has the potential for great financial benefits for you as an up line. So now that you are on your way to building a good sized sales team how do you keep them motivated so that they will have fun with what they are doing and be able to build a successful direct selling business for themselves?


Here are some useful tips by Mark Moncher in this regard:

Team Newsletter

One thing that you can do to keep up the motivation of your team is start a team newsletter. This can be done through the mail or by email whichever you think would work better for your group. You can include words of encouragement to get your team members excited about their business, offer tips like theme party ideas and maybe even let your team send in ideas that have worked for them. Keep them interested with a community feeling. They should look forward to reading the team newsletter.


Sending Cards

Another thing you can do to let your team members know that they are special to you is start sending cards on special occasions. Remembering things like wedding anniversaries, birthdays or even a consultant that has had an exceptional sales month will let your team members know that they are special to you and not simply a number that you recruited for your own personal gain. You will be amazed what a little validation can do.


Training and Incentives

Offer team training and incentives to your down line for motivation. Whether your new recruits are direct sales pros or delving into their first experience, training is always a good thing. You could hold conference calls; monthly or even weekly team meetings. Offer incentives for your team to help them reach their sales goals. Offer things like sales aides (order forms, catalogs, etc.) or products from your company if they meet goals like booking so many parties in a month, making so many sales phone calls, or meeting a certain amount of sales.



The best thing that you can do is make yourself available to your team and let them know that they matter to you. Nothing is more motivating than knowing you have someone who is behind you and supports you all the way with your business.


Keep these tips in mind and you will have a sales team that really loves what they do, which means success for everyone.

Mark Moncher has a strong passion that drives the dedication and focus is second to none and his consistently high leadership scores year after year drive a winning attitude across the organization.

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